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Place Thirds Overlay Guide- Layout Ideas

Hello Everyone, I’m new to Webflow and I’m impressed at the ease of use. I have almost finished my first site in under a day. I would really like to figure out how to overlay a ‘Rule of Thirds’ overlay over the top of my site. There has got to be a way to do that. If not, I’m looking for a workaround. I just need to overlay a transparent .png over the site.

Other than that, I’m interested in how other people layout their site. I can see using the grid system, but it’s not great for this site. The images need to be in between the corners of the grid. I can move the images into more than one square, but then the grid lines disappear. It’s possible I’m missing something.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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on the lower left of the designer you’ll see an icon that looks like an eye with 6 columns. click that and you’ll see a 6 column grid overlay appear on your site. Hope that helps!

I did see that and it’s helped a little bit, but I would like a rule of thirds overlay.

Like this:

No ideas on how to do this?

hey i’m right now running into a similar kind of issue and realize that the guide overlay of webflow is very static and for example not the same as my adobe xd overlay - and i would like to adjust the webflow overlay in a way that it fits perfetcly what i have done in adobe xd…