Adding Text/Element to Slider

I’m currently trying out Webflow and watching the tutorials. According to the tutorials, you can simply drag a container onto a slide, then add text. But any element I try to place on the slider appears above the slider, and cannot be dragged onto it. Am I missing something?

It works, you may be confused because the image you dragged was already out of the container…

If you want text over image, try adding the image as the containers background. That’s one solution, the other is to position the image absolute, under the text.

Thank you. I have to say, it’s not clear if the image is outside of the container; to me, it appeared to be inside the slider, and in the preview mode it works as a slider. I guess you’re saying that a background image is different than just adding the image from the slider settings on the right?

An image is like another element, like say a title. drag a title, then an image, or the inverse, and the element will be one after another.

If you want to pile up elements, superimpose them, you need to master relative and absolute positioning.

In the cas of an image, add it as a background of the container and yes, you can put a whole structure of other elements on top of it (all the content of the container).

Go for the image as a background and see if it suits your needs.

Thanks, Vincent. I’m sure that will work fine.

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