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Phone portait doesn't align 2 columns

I am making a design where four columns are used in all views except in phone portrait view, where there are two columns. On part of the page it works, but on other parts the columns are not next to each other. Instead Column 3 is placed to the right and Column 4 is placed below, to the left. I have tried to solve this but am totally stuck! I would be really grateful for any help!

@cecilia Please share your public link. You can enable it (if you have not done it before) in Webflow Designer’s Settings page right below Website Icon section. It will be easier to us to help you with that.


Thanks! I managed to solve it though at last. It turned out that the bottom image block in Column 2 had a smaller distance below it that all the other image blocks had, so that must have been the reason why Column 3 was pushed down and to the right. So, solved!

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