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Columns not playing nicely on phone portrait

On the home page, I have a slide show which works ok until you get to phone portrait and landscape mode. The right column (of two total) is supposed to stack below the left column but it’s way too far down, completely out of its “Section” and interfering with the section below it.

You will see some lighting fixtures fading in and out as the slide show. Can anyone help me correct this?

Thanks mucho.

In all rows, every next column from right side will go down, under column, which was left.

Thanks Sabanna, I am aware of that but what’s puzzling is, shouldn’t the fact that it’s dropping below be cause for the section it is housed in to increase in size vertically, along with whatever background image is set for said section?

It’s possible that is the case and I have some setting for the table set wrong. Not sure here.

Unfortunately, there is many issues :pensive:
I will try to make screenshots and show you where you have to fix

Start with that. If something will still be wrong, feel free t ask more, will figure it out.

Good luck

Thank you very much for taking the time. I appreciate it. I’m still learning but Im getting there :slight_smile:

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OK I fixed the overflow issues but the slideshow is still far too low. Im sure its something else. Thanks again.

Hey seth!,

If it was my project, i’ll just edit the phone layout, as it doesn’t affect the other media if you edit straight up in the phone layout. That’s up to you, i’m pretty new aswell and thus i don’t know if there’s an actual fix from the interface’s perspective.



All these changes are not creating the desired effect. The SLide 1 is now not visible on any viewports.

Check one more time, if you followed all steps from screenshots, because for me it works fine

I’ll try again. Hopefully will get the results you achieved.

I think the preview link is not working anymore… here is a new one.

I see only changes with “section splash”, there is no one change with slides, that I showed you on screenshots.

Please, follow my screenshots and remove those settings that I asked you to do (and those that you changed already). If you are afraid, that you will do even worse, open your read-only link and try there.

I saw what you told me to change but I dont know what to change it to.

To nothing, there will be standard parameters.

Ive tried almost all of them and things are still either not centered, sections are not the right size, elements are overlapping etc. Not to say what you are telling me to do isnt correct, but I am having trouble making everything be “right” on all viewports.

ou say for example “negative margin moves row over previous element” and other things. Does this mean to remove the negative margin?

yes, it means you have to remove that settings

pity I have no tools for capture video with showing you what to do