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Phone number is invisible?

I had a earlier thread about this but did get no answer and solution of the problem. So i try here again.

Hi! I have this weird problem. For some reason the phone number in the text does not show up in the mobile view. Its like its invisible? At least in my iPhone 7. It does show up on desktop mode. But in phone its invisible?

Hey webbor,

Can you post a read only link and a staging link so we can view the issue?


This was the link

Someone with an iphone needs to test this - I’m too poor to afford one :joy:


Thanks Samliew!

I wasn’t able to see the issue on an iPhone XS. Can you share a screenshot of your iphone webbor?

I’m returning the XS tomorrow so I wont be able to check again.


So much thanks! @MechKeysPls Here is the screenshoot. The weirdest thing is that there phone number is showing up in all modes, except the phone portrait mode.

It’s not invisible, if you see carefully it’s black - the colour of the default links in your project.

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Nope, its not black coloured :slight_smile: Its in white. @samliew

Hey Webbor,

This time I checked the site in Safari. The iphone is turning the paragraph text into a ‘clickable’ phone number.

In webflow, change the phone number to a link and apply link the same styles as the email.

This should fix the issue.


Ok so much thanks all of you!