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Phone link adds 835; to phone number

Hello guys,
I’m having some problems with phone link CMS. The weird this is that it happens to some of my clients only. I’m using 4 fields of CMS(phone CMS) for Telephone, usually the first one is okay, but the rest adds 835; when you click to make a phone call. Can you guys help me please?

This is a example :
the second and third numbers adds 835;

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

@Rafaelsantos the issue is that you are using a text field instead of a number field.

Make sure when using phone numbers in your cms collections that you include the country code. For example, the U.S. is (+1). So, for example, a number here would read +14125551212.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for replying. That was on my mind that I should add the country code, I wouldn’t like to add those. Why this happens only after the first telphone number?Any clue? Is there any way to deal with that without adding the country and state code? thanks again

@Rafaelsantos, first off, which country is this for?

Secondly, if you are allowing the numbers to be used as clickable phone numbers, you will most likely have to add the country and state codes to your numbers. Seeing that it would have to be universal to everyone.

As for why it only does it on any of the ones after the first one, most likely has to do with the country of origin of the site. But it would be best to contact @webflow directly for a more thorough answer.

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I’m in Brazil. I’ll have to add +55 (state code) telphone number. Thanks a lot for explaining this for me.

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@Rafaelsantos, yes, you will most likely have to add it to every phone number.

Make sure to click the solution fixed button.

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Hello again Bluberry_Media. I did what you said to me. Added the country code and I still have the same issue in the telephones after the first one, it adds 835; :(. @webflow Can u help me out plz?

Ex page:

Got the solution, I was using the same linkbox name for all telephone numbers, i just deleted everything and made new linkboxes with different names. Thanks to all involved.

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Sounds good. Looks like you have it and congrats on figuring it out on your own.

One of the best ways to learn. Trial and error. :+1:

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Thanks a lot buddy. I agree with you, best way to learn :slight_smile: . Cya

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