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Tel links doesn't work on live sites

Tel links doesn’t work on published sites anymore. Affects all our live sites. Webflow adds extra numbers before the phone number. See screenshot.

This is very frustrating, and our clients are not happy.
We have experienced a lot of bugs the last six months, and are wondering how Webflow will handle future bugs like this. Our company is not based in the US, so the support opening hours are 9 hours behind ours…:frowning_face:

I have not bothered to include share link, because all sites are affected.


Hey @biodust!

Thanks for reaching out. I can’t seem to reproduce this issue on my end, as links are set correctly. Eg. setting the phone link to 22701950 as on your screenshot creates a correct link on published site:

<a href="tel:22701950" >Call Us</a>

Can you please share your website url and preview link so we can check on our end?


Here are some screens showing both front- and backend.
Removed the js fix in the code from this test site.


It still renders properly on my end. Can you please send us URL to your website?

See footer for “tel” link.
I can also send read-only link, but this error affects all our sites.
Three clients have already contacted us about this issue.

Seems strange and must have been some kind of an error that got already fixed. While I do see the problem on your site it’s working well after rebinding it:

  1. Select the affected link
  2. Bind it to None
  3. Bind it again to Telefon

Can you see if that solved the problem on your end? Thanks! :slight_smile:

It worked rebinding the link. Thanks.
The challenge is that it affects all our sites, and rebinding all the tel links will be very time consuming.

For now we will let the js code take care of the other sites, but really hope you guys can look into the issue.

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The JS code messed up some other stuff on our site, so we had to rebind all the tel links on all our sites. @bart any news about a fix for this?

Hi @biodust

Thanks for your patience on this.

Our team tracked down the root cause and we are working on creating a fix now.

I’ll post back here with an update when we have one. Thanks for your patience!

Thanks for looking into this, @Brando

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Hi @biodust

The problem is now fixed. If you republish your site, you see the fix right away.

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Hi @roope, and thanks for the update.
We had to rebind all the links, so our sites are working as they should, but good to know that the bug is fixed.

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