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Phantom White Space Between Divs

Hi there,

My site has a white space between divs which I can’t figure out got there. I’m hoping someone can advise.



Hey Niall! I don’t necessarily have a great solution in mind, but after playing around, I noticed you have your body set to 100px. I changed it to 100% and things seemed to space out a little better, but you do have a div with text in it that creates that white space. Hope that helps you!

Thanks for the reply Parker and for spotting the body being set to 100px. I meant to have it at 100%. The issue still persists though unfortunately after making the change.

Hey Niall, I’m seeing a whole section where your whitespace was. If that’s not supposed to be there, you’ll need to hide or delete the section with the form.

I’m working on the page at the moment and have just added that section. The white space remains if I hide it.

I can’t load your site in view only anymore (slow hotel wifi) but I think I found something else that’s effecting your spacing. You might check your transform settings on those sections to see if you set anything there.

It seems like you’ve changed the layout and got it fixed, right?! If not, let us know and I’ll have a look at it

Thanks for the reply. No it’s still not fixed. The gap is not by design but it’s ok. I will leave it as is.

It’s actually happening on multiple pages so would be great to fix it.

You should probably make it so that the problem is visible. Currently I see no gaps.

I have made the area below grey so it’s visible

. I wouldn’t mind only it’s effecting other pages. I think it’s something to do with the top of the navigation. It’s 30px, the same height as the gap. The main navigation is pushed down 30px.