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Persistent trouble with email form button tracking

Hi Webflow team,

I have implemented the tracking features/solutions described in other posts on Webflow and other forums and I am still having trouble seeing one of the button link I am trying to track in Google Analytics no matter what I try. I’ve pasted the script from Google Universal Analytics in the header section of Custom Code and added the custom attributes below for each link though the one below tied to an email form submit button which routes to an internal page (i.e. isn’t registering in Google Analytics. Could you help me understand if there is something else I am missing here?

Here is the onClick attribute I’ve assigned to the email form submit button (in custom attributes section)

Name: onClick
Value: _gaq.push([’_trackEvent’, ‘Click’, ‘Submit’, ‘Interest’]);

Hi @diluvium, one thing you might try, is to use an embed widget on the success page, and paste in your GA tracking code there, so that when the success page loads, the tracking event is fired.

Thanks Dave. I’ve tried this (included embed widgets with my GA code on both main and success page) without any luck. The formatting of the code seems right and i’m following all of the right steps so I’m not sure what I could be doing wrong. Do you think using classic analytics (if it is even possible to change the account type) would help?

Hi @diluvium, If you could please send me a read-only link to your site, I am happy to take a look.

More information about read-only links:

Cheers, Dave

Thansk Dave, here is my read only link:

Ok thanks @diluvium. You may get some form submissions from me while I test. Once I have some info I will respond back :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

Sounds good, thanks again Dave

Hi @diluvium, is it possible for you to publish your webflow site, so that I can look at it in published mode?

I’ve published the site you should be able to see it at

Hi @diluvium, thanks for your patience. Could you please try to remove the Google Analytics number that you have entered in the Analytics tab of site settings, and then republish your site and let me know? I want to then test. It appears that when you have the custom universal analytics code running, and the built in analytics field populated, google does not know which code to read. Try that and then let me know once republished, and I can run a new tag verifier. Cheers, Dave :smile:

Just removed the UA number from the analytics section and republished. I see some tracking results have shown up but still no data showing about the email form submit button. Thanks for your help!

Hi @diluvium, thanks for your update. Did you also check that putting the tracking code in an embed widget in your success page works or not? We do not natively support putting those analytics triggered by the button click, so probably some additional custom code review is needed there.

I would try to put your entire tracking code snippet in an embed object on the success page, and then check if that fires when the form is redirected to the success page.

Yes I did put the embed widget with the google UA code in the success and home pages a couple of days ago.