Percentage Ring?


I have some graphics within my site (see attached) that represent percentages with rings.
Is this possible within WebFlow? As using images isn’t ideal.
Any ideas and thoughts are really welcome!

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There’s no way in Webflow (or HTML/CSS in general, for that matter) that I know of that will accomplish that programmatically.

But in looking at that graphic, I would feel like using an SVG is exactly what is needed. What did you use to produce the design?

@Cricitem perfect, thanks! As soon as I saw the letters SVG I thought “I cannot believe I haven’t just done that”…


it’s possible. @AlexN made this a long time ago:

That could work with some heavy modification, but you’d have to use SVGs anyway to create the rounded ends. So unless he needs to animate it, it looks like a lot more work than is needed.

@PixelGeek & @Cricitem thanks guys - yep, I would love to have the time to look into that one more Nelson :slight_smile: but for now I will just stick with static SVG.