Parallax w/ Animations


Creating my first parallax project and I keep running into walls. Attached is the final frame. For reference here’s a Premiere sample animation to show what I was trying to do in parallax however the red text does not need to move out of the frame it can come in and stay put.

Am I being too complex? I can’t get the foreground layer of the helicopter TAIL to stay in place on window resizing because right behind that layer is the same helicopter tail so when the window is resized the front helicopter tail moves out of place and shows the back helicopter tail. (Eventually I’d like to figure out how to make that vibrate like in the Premiere sample) Same with the Ambush title and Coming soon… they don’t stay centered on window resizing.

I haven’t even begun to deal with the top helicopter flying in a slight drip in and out.

How can I share my webflow WORK file in case there’s someone that can take a look and help me?