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Parallax Scrolling Effect


I’m trying to achieve the same scrolling effect of this site
When you scroll down, the red section scrolls natural, but the first section with the hero text scrolls out slower.
How can I get this?

Thank you very much in advance!

This is called a parallax effect, it’s actually not doable in Webflow by default. You can use custom code, there are numerous JS libraries to achieve this. I made an experiment using only CSS by I don’t recommend it… it’s really a javascript job. Webflow team has repeatedly said it would be cool to bring parallaxes and scroll hijacking to Webflow. One day maybe :smile:

Thanks Vincent!

I downloaded parallax.js last night and it’s working great!
Now the problem is I can apply the parallax effect to any background but I can’t do it over a whole section containing a Google map widget.

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