Parallax in Webflow. No Code Required

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to show you how to create the parallax scrolling effect in Webflow without any 3rd party code or javascript. It might have its limits sometimes, but I’m sure that it will be useful to many of you.

Check it out here:

Clone it here:

Thanks! :smiley:


Awesome work @MinewireNetwork!!! :smiley: Love this :slight_smile: @thesergie check this out

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Cool! If I may ask how come some of the text in your Webflow UI is off center? Which browser are you using? (I want to fix it) :smile:

Hello! Which text are you referring to? I have all of the containers set to Move 50% down with a transform to move them 50% upward. I am using the latest Chrome browser on a Chromebook.


I think he meant your screenshots of the settings. The values are off center vertically, lower than they should be.

Oh Wow! @thesergie how did you notice that! :grinning:

Hey @MinewireNetwork

Great job love it :smile:


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I saw similar issue on screenshots from users from China, Japan, Korea and Russia I think. It’s related to system font so suppose.

@MinewireNetwork can you confirm?

I understand now @thesergie! I always thought that the values were always like that, though. @bart, I am using Chrome Version 47.0.2526.49 beta (64-bit). Is that what needed to be confirmed?

Where are you from @MinewireNetwork?

I am from California, but I’m now based in Georgia.

I see a margin around every image.

You are Georgia ?.. where abouts… Kennesaw here.

Sorry about the margin, but I can’t merge two div backgrounds together. Atlanta, Georgia by the way. :smiley: