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Parallax Background move on Mouse move

Hi Everybody,

I want the background on my soon-to-be-website-for-now-just-coming-soon-page
to move on mouse movement like here:

This is the source, I have NO idea how to use it…

I need just the background to move.
Thanks anyone for the help!

hey I know this is a hard one but come on Guys! I need you!
By the way, this is the Coming soon landing page :smile:

Hi @Mordi_Levi, I started working on an example, to try and help out :smile: Will have it posted shortly… Cheers

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thanks @cyberdave You’re awesome!

hi @cyberdave, Did you get it to work? I’m really looking forward to try it :smile:

Lest get this thread activated again! Any luck on this effect? Mouse tracking would be really cool to implement!

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Hi, for Parallax Movement based on cursor movement, I would recommend as a better tutorial, this great one made by @PixelGeek :smile:

I hope this helps :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave