How to make parallax background

I want something like that:

Mate I am very sorry to say this, but there are so many wonderful threads about this topic. The search feature is your friend.

Another solution would be google:
just insert this code within google search

webflow parallax scrolling
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Use @PixelGeek 's post

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This is why i created this topic. You gave me only parallax scrolling. I want the section with parallax background. In my example background changes the angle.

I did his example but it’s not i need.

All i need is the simple moving of background to the left and to the right cause of mouse position + changing angle when mouse is closed to the right of left end of page. I don’t need a lot of elements. That’s not difficult script but i didn’t find how to make it in webflow.

Well its not 100% accurate and relies on a well produced background image. But I dont see how the links above could not create such an element:

You can see my dirty workaround here:

BUT the script relies on the fact, that you structure it like a list. Not as a background image.
Trick is to set a div with overflow:hidden as an outside container. Within that you ll have the list with one list-item holding the background image.

It is not 100% what you ll need but a workaround if there is no better solution out there.

I only used this workflow shown by pixelgeek:

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