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Parallax Movement on Mouse Movement not working

Hi everyone,

I’ve been browsing through countless tutorials and forum threads and haven’t found something to help.
I want the stars background on my website to move based on mouse movement, like this:

The closest tutorial I found was this one:
and it didn’t work. I thought it was because Dropbox no longer renders html files, so instead I just pasted the code directly into webflow, but still nothing.

I’ve tried using the webflow interactions, Trigger- Mouse movement, Move-BackgroundStars, and setting the respective 0% and 100% x and y positions, but it turns out jumpy. And now that I sign back in to check today, it doesn’t even do any movement.

Preview link:

I’m referring to the home-test2

38 AM

Please help!

Update** Figured it out! (not sure how to take down post)

Please post your read-only link from the Project Settings > Share

Did you ever get your issue fixed?

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