PARAGRAPH SPACING: How to change the spacing after the line break

I am trying to change the spacing after I hit enter on a paragraph (both in AllParagraphs and RichText Paragraphs). Now I know after relentless research that the line spacing is the spacing between the paragraph lines and that to create space between paragraphs you use the Bottom Margin. But I can not for the life of me can this to work.

And worse, Somehow I have changed it on the tablet down to mobile styles but can not see where. I have a styles page at

Please let me know how I can effect this as I really need to change the paragraph spacing and don’t want to use 2 returns to do it.

Thanks for the help and have a brilliant day!



A paragraph is either a paragraph element or a paragraph inside of a RT. For both, they’re considered separated elements. So the answer is the bottom margin of a paragraph has to be defined, or a spacing div has to be inserted.

Jumping a line inside of one paragraph element will never make a second paragraph.

So in short: use more paragraph elements.

This is 1 paragraph even if you jump lines

This is 2 paragraphs, and the padding bottom determines the space between

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You’re amazing Vincent.
This cleared it right up for me.


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