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Paragraph Changes on Scroll on Mobile. Eliminate this

All paragraph elements behave as if there is a hover state on mobile. The color changes on hover or scroll. How can I remove this? There is no hover/focus or any other state setting for the Paragraph style at any breakpoint. Help!

Hi @Chris_K,

I would be happy to take a look, and help.

Could you share your site’s read-only link:


Oops! forgot!


Hey @Chris_K

So if you give those paragraph elements a class and switch over to the hover class, another color seems to be set. I believe that if you give all these paragraph blocks a class and change that color, you issue would be solved.

@Chris_K, yup @161creativedesign is right - there seems to be an overriding style on hover.

The issue is on the All Paragraphs tag.

To fix the issue you will need to:

  1. Select the element in question
  2. Select the Hover state
  3. Find the All Paragraphs selector and remove the color change at the Hover state

Check out the following walk through video to see how I fixed the issue:

Hope this helps :blush:

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Thanks! will try right now :thumbsup:

worked. thanks guys!

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