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Paragraph breaks when hyperlink is used?

Good day and hello-

Here’s something I can’t figure out. When I create a hyperlink in the CMS blog editor, everything looks correct in layout, but when I publish, I get breaks in the paragraph. The area that looks blank in the break is also an active part of the link. (highlighted in green.) When I scroll my curser over this area, I can click on it and it takes me to the page I have linked to.

The first screen shot is of the text in the blog editor, the second screenshot is of the published page.

I am curious to understand what I am doing wrong to make this happen.
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@jccroft - Welcome to forum. I would be happy to look at this for you but I need you to share a published link to the blog article in your screen shot. That way I can look at it in a browser rendered.

Thank you Jeff!

I had intended to provide the published link, but it looks like I left it out.

Thank you again for looking at this- I am perplexed and its certainly something easy that I am not seeing.



@jccroft You have a rule in your CSS that set all anchors to be display:block. That’s why you see a new line with each link. You can either change that and override individual links on other places with a new class or you can give your rich text element on your template a class then style all anchors that are children of that class.

Let me know if you need more help.

Hello Jeff,

Thank you for your response. I am a complete novice at this… and I am not sure where to find this setting. I was looking at another post about this sort of thing and I am wondering if I am over my head… is this something I need to code?

Thank you,