Panel wall (click and drag)

Hello guys!
I’m new to webflow and my idea was to create a website much like a wall in which you click and drag to go across the whole wall or panel.
I’ve found an example in but i don’t know if i can create it with webflow as I haven’t seen any one showing it
I’m looking forward for a response, thank you guys :slight_smile:

Hi @Uri_Olesti_Creus.

Nice idea man! I think two possibilities we can do here:

  1. Use a custom code to use the click and drag. I made a example of this here:

    You’ll have to set the body a maximum height to let the page to be scrolled.
    This way you will move the element inside the body.

  2. Is using the interaction ‘Mouse move in viewport’. This will move the element when the mouse move… in viewport :smile:
    This will let you have the same feeling of wall or panel.
    I made a page for example:

Share read-only link:

With this two possibilities you can think something nice to design! :wink:


Wow thanks a lot!!! It really does mean a lot!!!
Just one last question :smiley:
Is there any way the page could load in the middle of the “wall” in the first option you gave me?

You’re welcome! Happy that it helps you!

You can use this code in the custom code:

The first one set the scroll from left to right.
The second one set the scroll from top to bottom.

You can try the height and width that you need.


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I’m sorry to be so persistent :sweat_smile: but i couldn’t find the custom code to click and drag.
Is there any way you could post it ? :smiley:
And thanks a lot for the last answer!

You can find it here:


Hi Andre!

I’m experiencing the same problems as Uri. I’m building a website where the visitor can explore a photo/map, filled with a portfolio, by moving around the plain, read: clicking and dragging. I stumbled joyous on your answer and your code, but then discovered you cancelled the page. Is your code still available and would you share it with me?

Thank you in advance!