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Pagination & Random, Shuffle Sort Order

Hi folks,

Quick question on pagination:

Is it possible to enable pagination on a collection list that is set to ‘Random, Shuffle,’ without displaying the same item more than once on subsequent pages?

And if not, is it something that’s on the roadmap and/or are there any workarounds in the meantime?

I have a couple of collection lists with both of the above enabled, but the result is that some items are displayed multiple times. A page with an example of the issue is: ‘Places to Eat and Drink on the Rame Peninsula’. The main collection on this page on has 40 items in it, and pagination is set to 30 per page. However, both page 1 & 2 display 30 items each (screenshot below).

Many thanks.

Here is my public share link:

Hey @RHD

I don’t have an answer for you, but when pagination was announced I did wonder how this would work with random sort. Unfortunately this is what I thought might happen.

My suggestion for THIS page is to just display all 40 items for now. It’s only 10 more items and will avoid confusing visitors. The other option is to not use random for now.

Hey @matthewpmunger

Thanks for coming back to me man. Yeah, this is what I expected too.

As you say, not too much of an issue for this collection/page with only 40 items, but another collection on this site has 150 items making it unusable from a UX standpoint, as the user may be presented with the same listing up to 5 times.

The necessity of the random sort order of course is to keep things fair for all listings i.e. each will appear on the first page at some point. Using any other sort order will result in certain listings always appearing first (without manual intervention), giving them a (perceived) competitive advantage.

@brjohnson Do you know if this is something that is possible / in plan?


Hi @RHD – thanks for reporting this.

Bit of a missed use-case, and the current behavior makes sense for how we implemented the pagination logic.

The team is looking into a possible fix here. Will circle back and provide an update once I have one!

Hey @kkilat,

No dramas man. Yeah, I guess it is a fairly niche use-case.

Thanks very much to you and the team for looking into a fix.