Pagination Not Working on Published Site

When I am in design mode my items paginate correctly and “flip” to the next page. Once published they no longer flip through the pages and instead condense them all to one screen or just add them on to the end. Please help!

Here is my public share link: (Webflow - CATALOG)

Link to Published Site :

If you’re talking about your /news page, it looks like you’re using Finsweet’s CMS load more. That replaces Webflow’s standard list pagination, you’ll see a load more button instead at the bottom.

Thank you for your response, I do see the Load More button. However when I hit it in staging mode it loads 4 more blogs in place of the first four. When published it expands the category to fit all 8 on one page.

Maybe clear your browser cache?
It’s behaving correctly on your staging site for me ( Chrome / Win ) -

Yes, the staging site is working correctly. When published it all goes awry

Hi, I’m also having the issue with pagination buttons not working properly, here is my recent activity on Webflow forum. I still haven’t resolved it, and I’m looking for help. thank you. [Pagination buttons are not working properly](https://webflow forum post )

J8kes answered perfectly.