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Pagination not working on published page

Hi all!

On Section events 2 of this page I’ve built an event calendar with CSM and decided to add pagination to it in order to avoid too much scrolling down. On Preview mode everything works fine, but not on the published site… once one clicks on the “Next >” button under the event’s list nothing seems to change.
I’m quite at loss with the issue and have no idea why it isn’t working. See below the shared link for the project.
And here the published link:
Any suggestion, hint or solution would be very much appreciated!! :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :pray:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I’ve found this thread: Pagination and Tabs Switching Issue in the forum and tried to solve the problem with the code below. So, giving each collection wrapper an ID and entering it within the code. Now the pagination is working on the published site, :slight_smile: but I’m back to the issue of the page reloading every time the pagination button is activated… :frowning: what am I missing here?

so, I figured out what was wrong with it: for the function to work all paginated elements must be nested inside the same parent element, in my case, inside the same page section. So far so good! :slight_smile: Still… one of these elements is a CMS calendar with tabs, now the pagination on the calendar works just fine, BUT one cannot switch between the tags anymore… any guesses to why?