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Pagination Issue

Hey guys,

Jumped right away in creating pagination for a website I built a while ago. The issue that I have on the podcast and blog page—where I added pagination—is that when I click to go on the next or previous page, the page jumps to the top instead of staying in same place. Is there a way to avoid that jump? Thanks!!!

It does seem to work as intended on the preview page, but not on the published site. Here is the published site:

Here is my site Read-Only:
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This might be because apparently the pagination reloads the page instead of reloading the collection ?
I’m not sure what I’m saying is true, but it looks like it from my very first tests…

Maybe you could use barba.js and avoid that problem? (but then this would mean rethinking a couple of things — probably not the best for you)

PS: I tried your read only and your problem seems to be that it stays fixed on the pagination position no ?

Thanks for the feedback. I am not a coder so I am trying to avoid going the route of js :slight_smile: Hopefully, there is a more automated way :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure there is a way without js coding. But let me see on my end.


no, that would be great. I want the page to stay in the same position, I don’t want it to go to the top when going on the next page. In the preview it stays where I want it to stay, but on the published site it jumps at the top.

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@marius_serban Did you ever find a solution for this by chance?

This might help