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Pagination Issue- Page is Refreshing when Clicking Through Collection List

I can’t figure out why my Collection List Pagination is refreshing to the top of the page. I’m having this issue on two websites right now and both of the people I’m helping are relying on me to figure out this bug.

Here is my site Read-Only:

If you are talking about clicking a more link that takes you to a new page ; -> take a look at this topic. Not a bug.

I’m talking about clicking through paginated collection items within a page, not being taken to a new page. This does appear to be a bug. I don’t remember it doing this before with another website I’ve previously built but it’s a major flaw in the system right now which renders the pagination option useless.

Please share the URL to the page on a published site where this specific problem can be viewed.

Read Only:Here is my site Read-Only:

The timeline “section” of the page is where we’re having the issue. I have the same issue with on the home page and other pages

When you click a pagination button you are loading a new page. So what was described in the first post link I shared with you applies to you as well.

You would need to use some custom code to load other page content into the page you are on by using AJAX.

You should look at this topic.

Since this is not a bug, I am changing the topic to publishing help => custom code. That is more appropriate for what you need to accomplish.

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Thanks! Sorry for the late response here!

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