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Pagination Issue - Flicker effect


Seems like there’s a bug with the pagination on my page:

If you click on the “Stories” tab then scroll down and hit “Next”, the page reloads but the “News” tab is selected instead of the “Stories” tab. How can I fix this?

Appreciate the help!

Here is my site Read-Only:


In a way this is expected behavior of the pagination feature as it reloads the page when the next list of collections items are trying to be viewed. Once the page is refreshed through pagination, the ‘current’ tab reloads therefore the “News” tab is selected again.

Here are a couple of forum posts that might bring some further insight as far as how to work around this or approach an experience like this differently:

Hopefully this helps, and feel free to bring up any more questions you might have :smiley:

thanks for the help!

I actually found a very easy way to solve this. I just had to change the fade in/out settings to 0 :slight_smile:

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