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Pagination breaks tabs

I’ve built a website that features tab elements, which have pagination within the tab panes (Events page). When I go to click on the pagination nav buttons, they navigate back to the default tab!

Is there a way to fix this other than removing pagination?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

I suspect not. You may want to consider that tabs are designed to be used for quick comparisons of small amounts of content. Use them in other ways and you create a significant usability issue for end users.

That’s unfortunate, I’m struggling to find another solution to filter CMS collections to achieve a result like the one in the events page. Do you have any suggestions? Is my best solution to just have them as collection pages with links?

@peej , I think you have a good candidate for mixitup javascript filtering. See -> then head back the forums and look at the tutorials and threads by searching for that phrase.

The only reason not to do this is if you are trying to rank groupings of events in the SERPS. In that case you would be better off showing a few and then directing people to a page filtered for that specific location that you could potentially rank.

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