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Pagespeed test failure


We are self-hosting a webflow-generated page and are experiencing issues running the Google Pagespeed and the GTmetrix reports. Both are generating errors. There appears to be issues with preconnect and LCP.

Can anyone help please?

The page I am testing is here: Article Rewriting Services | Article Paraphrasing


Here is my site Read-Only: Article Rewriting Services | Article Paraphrasing
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GTmetrix tends to fail if your webpage doesnt have much on it and returns 0 values. This is not the case for your webpage but I thought it was useful.
I managed to crash lighthouse test to show issues.
See image.
Screenshot 2021-04-01 143811
As you can see the page never finishes loading and causes a different crash on pagespeed index.

Thanks very much for your help. Strangely, the error doesn’t occur if I run the pagespeed test on the Webflow-hosted version.

However, the js file is the same on both my self-hosted and the Webflow page.