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Pages Not Loading On Safari

Hi everyone,

On the Work page of my website, I have multiple sections that can be scrolled through and be clicked to go to their corresponding page. On Firefox and Chrome this feature works perfectly, however, on Safari the sections can’t be clicked. Only the Venmo section will take the user to the next page when clicked. All of the other sections when clicked scroll the page back up to the top (i.e the Venmo section. Any help or recommendations you have would be greatly appreciated!

Here is the read only link to my site

Here is the link to my published site

Also here is the code that I am currently using in the site.


Hey! All works well on my end on Safari 12.0. Also no errors in the console, so all looks great :slight_smile:


Hi Bart,

I apologize if this wasn’t clear. The scrolling works, however, if you click on any of those sections except for the Venmo section they will not load their appropriate pages. This issue only occurs on Safari. Thank you so much for your help!

Hi Bart,

So figured out what was causing the issue. This code was…

window.onbeforeunload = function () {
window.scrollTo(0, 0);

I removed this code and now the site works, however this code was valuable to have. So since the page loads on the Venmo section, in order to have the Venmo text animate I added an initial page load animation. Now that the page doesn’t always load to the Venmo section though (i.e. now if I click on the Serendipity section and then click back I’ll be at the Serendipity section again instead of the page automatically scrolling back up to the Venmo section), when you scroll back up the the Venmo section after having gone into the page of another section and back the Venmo text will already have been faded in because it always fades in when the page initially loads. Is there a way to have the Venmo text fade in when the page loads on the Venmo section, but not initially fade in when the page is loading on another section?

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