Pages being cut off more and more as I switch to larger canvas

Looked over everything and can’t find the problem. Don’t have alot of experience with web developing or web flow, help would be appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only:(Webflow - RPM Auto Detailing)

Just clicked my read-only link and notice the issue is not happening there, but is on the site editor & previewer???

I suggest viewing the Webflow University 101 courses to get an understanding of how the responsive properties work. I’m seeing some very essential lessons being missed.

Couple big issues:

  1. Using fixed width settings is causing overflow. Not enough room to fit the pixel count you’ve entered.

  2. Applying responsive settings to your grid for smaller screen sizes will make these elements stack accordingly.

Thanks a lot for your input, will check the lessons out.

Still yet to resolve this problem. Anyone know what’s going on?

It looks correct to me. Were you able to fix? Or can you describe the problem area in detail?

So everything from my base breakpoint down to mobile breakpoint functions properly, however when I edit breakpoints larger then the base one part of my body is being cut off. As I move to larger breakpoints more and more is cut off. For me to edit the parts that are being cut off I have to go into the ‘navigator’ and select the bottom section, the editor then automatically scrolls me down to that section (bottom of page) and as soon as I scroll the editor jumps back up to where its getting cut off and I have repeat that process.

@Cole_Durham - I think the issue you have is related to the display settings of your computer you are using to work in the designer with. I work on 4k and 5k displays and have no issue.

You can zoom out and in the designer view to adjust your canvas size displayed without affecting the positioning of elements within your design.

This is stuff you an learn about in the WFU.

Appreciate your input and will give it a try, however I’ve built another website in Webflow on the same laptop and had no issues. I should also note this website is built on a pre-made template I purchased through Webflow.