Page-Section linking : section ID don't show up

I’m trying to define a button. … to add a link to a page-section, to a page-section of my website, but when I want to add a section to link to, there are no options to choose from. (when I click the little arrow it only says “Choose a page section…” and don’t show my registered ID’s)
I did add sections to my website and gave them an ID’s.
Or is it not possible to link to page sections that are not on the same page?

I wanted to define the three buttons on the home page for “Gruppenangebote” and link to the page sections of the “Gruppenangebote” page. The page sections are called “Gruppenangebote Meditation”, Gruppenangebote Stressmanagement und Gruppenangebote thementag".

read-only link:

Please help! Thank you!!

If you want to link to sections on other pages you need to follow a different rule.

We’ll assume that your pages slug is “something” and section ID “section” You’d want to add href to any button or link to be /something#section. If the page you want to link to is homepage you’d want to add “/#section

Let me know if this helped

hey marko
many thanks for your response.

ah ok, i understand the rule. how and where can i use it?
I’ve already tried to enter “/Gruppenangebote#Meditation” (/page#section) in the Section ID setting, but it doesn’t show up in the link setting of the button.

I’ve always created these using the absolute link (full url including the #section-name). This goes in the “URL” field in the link settings area. The downside is that I have to update them from the staging url to the live site’s url.

Would love to hear if there’s a relative link option, so that updating isn’t necessary.

Yeah, you can just assign slugs and it will work on stage and prod as well

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Hey @Arne You need to add it to the link or the button which when clicked will take you there. Not to the section itself. Section only needs to have the ID added so that it can be targeted