Page Section Linking Question

So I’m trying to figure out how to link to a page section that is on another page. For example I have a section on my homepage (about) that I need to be able to access from other pages on my site. Ideally I would have the about link in the main menu on all pages that I can click and it would take me to the homepage down to the about section. Hopefully that makes sense. Does anyone know how to do this? When I try to do it it only gives me the option to link to a section of the page I’m already on. Thanks in advance.

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Hi @MrChipolte

Have you thought about adding the ‘about’ section as a symbol to re-use ?

On one of my sites I have a footer symbol, which houses a small ‘about’ and contact section which i’ve added to most pages. Just a thought…

But - yes you can achieve your goal by copying the published URL of the page housing the ‘about’ section and adding this to the end of the external link URL: /#about
(assuming your section ID is ‘about’)

Hope that helps…

Thanks StuM adding it as a URL worked perfectly. That’s exactly what I needed. I appreciate your help!

Great! :tada: glad I could help!