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Page Score matters!

Im currently building out a website service for doctors and Chiropractors. We have about 50 clients we are currently in talks with, saying we are offering web services in the future. We have all the designs ready to be built out and now about to hop into developing the template to reuse across all these practices.

Our only catch is a huge selling point to convince these practices to join up with us is to show them their google score and see how low it is and choose us to make it over 90 page score for mobile and desktop… The problem from what Ive been seeing is that webflow cant obtain this score at all.

I also read the article about why it doesnt matter. Totally get that. But again its our selling point and will matter to our clients.

Its a super easy sell to go to any bad medical website and prove its bad. And people take Google seriously.

Also I dont want to use GTmatrix or popin.

Is there anyway to get over a 90 in both categories with webflow. Do I need to export them? Is there no solution at all?

Hi @Shea_Lewis

Totally understand that page load times are important to clients. However, when it comes to Google pagespeed, take a look at this thread. Not even Google’s own websites score high:

You’re better off using

Also here is a blog post about our hosting written by our CTO:

hope this helps :slight_smile:

@PixelGeek Totally get that they dont pass them. But our competitor is getting tons of leads through showing them google reviews and showing them how bad they are. And then just creating a version with 90+. This is a huge thing for many people who dont understand what it takes to build a website.

Also we are currently building a diagnoses tool on our site to get your score and were planning on showing the mobile score and desktop score. Unfortunately pingdom doesn’t show the scores for each. They just show over all score. Would be great if they showed both variables.

Also connecting to the google insight API was easy and free. looks like pingdom charges to pull from.

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