Page password protection re-directs to home page when enter/return is pressed in empty password input field

I have used “Per page password protection” but discovered that if user hit enter without typing anything in, the site would open as if he typed in the real password. Please check it out.
Since I don’t want to expose the site I will not share the link here. Contact me if needed.

I am unable to repro the issue. Try unpublishing then publish the project again.

Sam we reproduce here, but this doesn’t grant access to the protected page, it redirects to home.

It’s unexpected though.

Oh I see. There should be an error page template as well then

Yes I think that too.

@waldo pinging you to be sure you’ve seen this.

Hi @LupoAsaf thank you so much for posting this report. I’ve confirmed the behavior on this end:

  • Pressing enter or return in an empty password protection field, re-directs the user to the home page of the site rather than showing an incorrect password error.

If your home page is also password protected then the password field will show up on the page you’re re-directed to as well so password protected content still requires a password to access it.

I’ll let you know as soon as I have an update for this issue.

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Is there any update on this?

Hey @spirelli! Sorry it took so long to update. We should have a fix ready early next week. I’ll be monitoring this issue and let you know as soon as we deploy the fix :slight_smile:

Thanks for your patience!

Looks as if you’ve been at work here. Thanks. I can see that since last week the error message displays after a wrong password was entered.

However, I’ve also discovered that the page still redirects to the homepage when the empty form is submitted. In that case the password page should also remain with the error shown.

@bart @Waldo
Any news on that? It’s now been over a month that this bug’s been reported.

@bart @Waldo @Brando has there been any progress in getting this fixed? It’s been another two weeks…

Hey @spirelli

Thanks so much for your patience on this.

Our team is still working on this issue and hope to have it resolved soon. I will post back here as soon as I have a solution, or a definitive fix date for you.

Thanks for your continued support!

Hi @LupoAsaf @vincent @spirelli,

We just pushed a fix for this. Can you please confirm on your end that everything is working as expected?

Thanks again for your patience with this issue! I’m standing by for your confirmation :slight_smile:


Confirmed, it now has the expected behavior of returning an error message:


Long last, finally good. Cheers :+1:

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