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Page Ordering and Sub Pages


2 questions…

  1. As I’m designing my site and I click on the icon that shows my site’s pages, it shows the list pf pages. Is there a way to re-order them? Not a massive deal, just something that’s a bit of a nuisance.
  2. Is there a way to add sub pages?


Hi Andy, that answer to both of your questions at the moment is No, it is not possible. However this is changes coming soon in Webflow that will make both of these things possible. There is no exact timeline, but a few weeks to couple of months before these kinds of features will be available for beta testing.

Cheers !

Any update to when we will be able to do this.

I’ve had to hack the page names with #'s for now to help my brain make sense of things.
Allowing drag n’drop re-ordering would be a super help, just my feedback

Keep up the good work Dave + Webflow team :wink:

Hi @clickryan, thanks for the kind words, we are busy working on this… See this forum topic:

Cheers !