Page moving from left to right on mobile

Hi guys,

I’m having a weird problem, when I view my website on mobile (also in landscape), there’s an automatic zoom on the site. When I zoom out, I see that the right-hand side of the site is slightly larger than the left-hand side, which creates an imbalance.
None of this happen on desktop, and when I check it on a lower breakpoint in the workflow, everything seems to be fine. The problem only occurs on the published site, which is very annoying.


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - test

Hey @Elliot_U :wave: It’s appears from vince:

Just set for sections which have these elements: Overflow: Hidden

Hey @bro-design :wave: Thanks for your response, unfortunately the problem still remain. I don’t know if it’s the fault of the browser or me with webflow. As far as I know, i have no others elements who can expand the width like the vince.

You have 2 vinces on the page) Are you check the green?

Sorry to reply so late, I did it on all the sections with the vines, but the problem is solved thanks to you! At first it didn’t save the modification, but when I refresh the page it worked.
Thanks again :facepunch:

@Elliot_U :facepunch: you are welcome