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Mobile responsive problem to the left


It seems I can’t solve this problem on my own; getting grey hairs and tried to fix this few days but no luck so hand in the air: help!

My site has scaling problem in mobile when I surf into my site - and try to zoom in -> it scales the site to the left. This problem doesn’t occur while view on landscape-mode. Works fine with desktop and tablet.

My site


Appreciate the help! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey, a fellow finn using Webflow. Great :slight_smile:

I checked out your site on mobile, and it does seem to have some issues when zooming in and trying to zoom out again.

Could you try setting your sections to 100vw width and try re-publish your site and see what happens?

Edit: I tried the website out in the Chrome responsive tools, and isolated the problem to the hero-section. When removing it, the site worked at it’s supposed to. Try setting the hero-section / slider to max-width: 100vw.


And super thanks for your effort! I tried to set 100vw to mobile 100 vw to 2 two sections and body also. Still gets scaled weirdly

I first thought it could be the hero slider doing this to me. Any idea what to try next?

Edit; I changed under the slider-> mask" each slider to 100vw and re-published. Now it seems to zoom out as normal way, could you verify this too? :smiley:


I tried it out and that seems to have fixed the problem :ok_hand:

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