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Page Load Animation Different When Preview/Published


I have a page load animation that looks the way I want when I push the “play” button in the interaction tab. However if I try to preview the site or when its published the animation isnt the same.

I have three headings that I want to enter the screen at different times, but the one that is supposed to start first is delayed for some reason. Its easier to understand if you click the read only link.

I just started using Webflow today, so I might be missing something, but please help me understand whats going on :slight_smile:

Read Only Link:

Hi Mabero,

There are really some strange behavior to those heading elements :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I suggest you delete those elements completely and recreate 3 heading elements that sit inside a wrapper. The headings should not have any positioning or transitions applied to them. Then position the wrapper, and then recreate the animation. (I’ve successfully done that in your project)

Thanks! That worked for me as well :smile: Seems like I need to learn some tips and tricks

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