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Hello all,

I am a cinematographer / business owner who also knows photoshop, but not a line of code. Loving webflow as I I’m designing our new website.

When you hover over “our work” and select the first option “marketing.” You are taken to the page, but there is no indictor at the top as to where you are. In an original wordpress concept we had this:

You see the page “branches” under the navbar so you know what page you are on.

Any suggestions on how to create something similar in webflow. Customizing for each page is an option, but any tips on a faster solution.


Hi @BitterJesterCreative, thanks for the good question. You can style the “current” class for any nav link to achieve this. The current class gets added automatically when the link you are styling, is pointed to the active page you are currently viewing.

You only need to assign your links a class, and update the current class styling once, and all other links sharing the same base class will get the current styling also, automatically.

See my video, hopefully this helps to explain a bit more:

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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