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Override Dark Mode on mobile devices

Gah, I’ve hit a wall. I want to know if there is any way to override the dark mode setting on mobile devices (and all settings for that matter). There are lots of articles about how to achieve dark mode in a project, but I want to do the opposite. I want to maintain the look of the site regardless of what someone has set on their device. I have tried setting the background and sections to white. Nothing. I have tried using various code snippets in the header to fix this. Nothing. It just refuses to work. That disturbs me because while the phone settings are priority, it still has to interpret the page code, so there has got to be a way to do it. This is kind of important because not all designs will work properly when people have specific settings to make their mobile display how they like it (color mode, text size, etc.), and the only way I can think of to fix this is to incorporate such a thing into the design itself, but everything I’ve tried and searched for comes up short (which is infuriating but maybe this post will shed some light and serve future designers). Thanks!

Help this guy out too if you have a working solution: Darkmode mobile bug