Overlay not shows on mobile breakpoint but not desktop

I’m having a problem with a module pop up not showing up on my desktop version, however it shows up fine on the mobile version.

In the below link the ‘Join The Movement’ button at the top right should reveal a pop up module. It is working on the mobile view fine. To make things worse, everything is working ok in the Preview mode within the Webflow Designer, but not on the live site. It’s been several days since I went live so I don’t think its a cache issue.

(Webflow - Network NFT Studios)

Hey Nathan, welcome to the forum. You mentioned that this works in preview but not the live site. Can you post a link to a published version so we can look at it live? Thanks.

Hi Chris, yes forsure…

Something is adding display: none to Div Block 38. Try resetting the Display setting on this element entirely and republishing.

That worked, thank you!

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