Overflow on x-axis due to horizontal scroll

Hi there!

I have an issue with the x-overflow on my homepage.

And yeah, I know about hiding the overflow :wink:, but then the horizontal scroll in the sections ‘WEB DESIGN’, ‘PRODUCT DESIGN’ and ‘VISUAL PLAYGROUND’ do not work properly if I hid the overflow on the body.

The strange thing is there is no overflow on the last section before the footer (ABOUT section), but there is overflow in the hero section as well as on the following three sections (WEB DESIGN’, ‘PRODUCT DESIGN’ and ‘VISUAL PLAYGROUND’).

In the best case, you open the website on desktop in Chrome or Firefox (because there is a second issue with the intro animation on Safari I have to fix):

Many thanks for your help!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - SAM Portfolio 2022

It works for me when I go to:
Web_design_section > parrallex-track > camera… and set “camera” to no overflow.

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@Port_of_Folio Today, you’re my hero! Thank you so much!

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@Port_of_Folio By the way, how did you approach this issue?

I just start deleting things to see when the horizontal scrolling stops. Once I find the problem section I’ll drill down from there.

edit: Crud, I apologize. That was the wrong answer for your problem :slight_smile:
real answer: I just started applying no overflow to the parents of your tracks.