Overflow and page 'sliding' right on various devices

Hi All,

Relatively new to Webflow and still finding my feet, but I’ve come across this on a few pages I’ve done now - so clearly I’m doing something funny! I think it has to do with overflow visible/hidden on some sections perhaps but seeking some clear guidance.

The issue is that, either on desktop or mobile, I can drag the page to the right and get a blank area running down the full length of the page.

Initially turned overflow hidden on for the body tag, but subsequent saw that essentially turned the scroll/swipe feature off on mobile devices.

It’s most pronounced on the home page (about 1" / 25mm) but also on other pages (1/4" / 5mm)

Read only site here, below. Anyone see where I’m going wrong here, and what I need to do to fix?


Thanks all! Any assistance much appreciated,

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Might have nutted it out - seems there was a stray section with overflow not hidden causing all the grief!

Posting back here for the next person who might hit this little problem. Check your elements for their overflow status!