Over the Past Two Weeks, Built & Launched These 3 Pages

Just wanted to let the Webflow team know, and show the community that I am so thankful for the tool they’ve created and for this awesome community.

In the past 2.5ish weeks I started 3 builds, designed & built out these pages in Webflow for Silver Dollar City Attractions:

http://www.silverdollarcity.com/2016SeasonPasses (has some custom code I’d received from before for the header/navigation so it doesn’t have the 100% responsiveness, will soon though with our site redesign project ;))

I can happily report that we’ve NEVER had any issues with the pages built in Webflow and exported out to our site. Only super fast, clean & nimble code. These pages sometimes get over 100,000 views per a week!
I’ve been building our responsive landing pages since earlier this year, 99.99% in Webflow (sometimes some custom code snippets for fun).

Being able to build these pages so quickly has helped us so much on driving conversions on both desktop & mobile with our search, display & re-marketing campaigns. It also just gives us the flexibility to test & build new things. :smiley:

Time to go celebrate some fun builds, with more building in Webflow. hehe :joy:

Thanks again @callmevlad @brryant @PixelGeek @andrewngu @thesergie & the rest of the AWESOME Webflow team :smile:


:purple_heart: Waldo :blush:


Hey @Waldo,

Great job on the websites and +1 On Webflow being the best with an amazing team and community all i see is a very bright future for Webflow :smile:

Love to Webflow team :purple_heart: