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Conversion Based Landing Page with Modal Video & CTA's :)

Just finished a landing page for our National Cowboy & Harvest Festival. The main way that folks get to this page is by clicking on our display banner ad campaigns (we run quite a few for each festival). Or from targeted email sends. The whole page is built responsive and built in Webflow. :slight_smile: Only custom code used was the jquery to stop a video from playing when the close button is hit. :slight_smile:

This page would normally have taken 12-15 hours of design/development time instead of the 3-6 hours it took to build in Webflow.

I added in a CTA button overlaying the video modal (and festival logo), and since we have separate Desktop/Mobile stores I have links to the respective stores based upon screen size. :slight_smile: #WebflowFTW

If you catch anything strange happening on the page, please let me know. :smile:

Thank you,



:heart_decoration: great design, eye-catching, crisp

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Thank you Jeremy! :slight_smile: Was a fun page to build :slight_smile: Looking forward to the results. :slight_smile:

Jeremy :open_mouth: how come? you psychic?

The power of the internets. Hahaha

:smiley: :smiley: I didn’t even know i put my name up.