Orange-highlighted inherited selectors in Style Editor

On the style editor, what do the orange-highlighted parts mean?

My Adobe fonts have disappeared and I have a horrible basic font now but I made no changes. I do notice that it says “inheriting 3 selectors” and I notice the font and weight are both highlighted in orange, so this might have something to do with what has changed and gone wrong.

What are these orange selectors? What do I need to do to fix it and get my Adobe fonts back?

(btw Adobe online support have been absolutely terrible and no help whatsoever. )

It means that it is inheriting the styles from a parent selector. If you go to the body of the site and select body(all pages) you should be able to see. If your adobe fonts are not loaded you probably need to update the link in the site settings to the set you created in adobe fonts.

Thanks. Sorry, if I go to body (all pages), is that in the Style Manager tab? I selected that and saw all the pages which were affected, but what does that tell me?
I have ended up adding an Adobe API token on the font settings page, specifying the fonts and re-editing webflow to select these fonts. The thing is, none of that was there before and was not needed - the Adobe section in the Fonts tab was empty and the website was fine for months until 2 weeks ago. Do you know why this would have suddenly happened and if what I’ve done is what I should have done, or have I created another problem down the line for myself? Thanks for your help.