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% or width, for website

On my website, I was told that it is best to change every class from Width, to %. This helps it elements to not overflow when they swap over to a different device.

I have found this to be untrue. For example, if I have a block thats set at 80%, it works fine on desktop,
then it overflows on the tablet, so i need to change the 80% to a 60%.

With my counterargument in italic above, what is your response on the statement
“I need to change every class from width to % so elements don’t overflow when swapped to a different device”.

If it turns out i need to replace width to % to fix overflow, then i’ll need to edit 15 pages on 4 different devices.
That’s hundreds of classes. Thats why i need to this feedback.


Thank you friend for helping

If you set an element to 80% and it still has an overflow than there is a parent element with a class which has a fixed size. The 80%-percent-element refers to this fixed pixel container.

To get a fluid Layout it is always better to use % or VW,VH rather than pixels.

I hope this helps


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