Option list populated from Collection?

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I wonder if there is a way to incorporate a dropdown list of options into an online form, populated from a Collection (i.e., editable by a content-editor). I don’t seem to be able to achieve this…

Thank you!

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I am sorry to bother with this again… Still hoping to get a hint please… :smile:

I need to design a sign-up form for a workshop, including a list of available dates. These need to be CMS-administered by the editor.

Ideally, I would envision a collection of available dates which would be placed inside the form as a Select/Dropdown list of options, or a field with radio buttons. Unfortunately, I don’t see a way to achieve this. I seem not able to populate a Select element from a collection, nor combine a dynamic list with a radio button, for example.

I can think of a workaround - choose the date in one step via a link of a dropdown menu and taking over some information into the form using a custom code and the ‘hidden’ value… But that surely isn’t a smooth solution…

May I ask if Webflow is capable of achieving this in some elegant way?

I haven’t found this topic dealt with in any other thread. Sorry if I missed anything…
Thank you so much!


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