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Populate Dropdown with Collection Items

Is it possible to populate a dropdown with items from a CMS collection?

Ex: “Pick the color t-shirt you want from the dropdown” and the items in that dropdown map to a multi-collection reference for colors that apply to the current t-shirt.

Any idea if this is possible?

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Hi there! I was about to ask a very similar question! (Sorry I’ve not got an answer Chris - I thought I would add my question to this thread rather than start a new one).

My question is about the ‘Select’ field in a form (i.e. the form drop down element). I want to know if I can populate a form ‘Select’ element with a list of all the product names in a particular category.


Product Category: Drills (pulled from CMS)

‘Select’ from the form drop down field (pulled from CMS):
Hilti 22V Cordless Drill
Hilti SID 2-A Cordless Impact Driver
Hilti SIW 22T-A Cordless Impact Wrench


Sorry Chris! I just realised I know the answer to your question… YES! You can populate a drop down with items from a CMS collection. Just add a drop down button, open the menu and add a dynamic list element into the drop down ‘List Div’ - then select colour or name from the purple CMS settings. (and delete the three default link divs).

I’ve created drop down links in the nav bar with info pulled from a CMS blog Author collection so you can definitely do it with colours too.


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Ah yes, thank you!

Unfortunately, I’m hoping to do this in a form’s dropdown element, as well. Would love to know if this is possible!


My pleasure! Glad to help! :slight_smile:

Yes, this is what I’m asking too… I don’t think it will possible to add CMS info to a forms drop down element as the forms ‘choices’ list (see image below) would have to pull the info from the CMS collection.

I have different product pages (Drills, Gardening, Surveying, etc) all with their own form with a ‘handmade’ drop down list to select the particular product. As I have over 30 product categories, this is quite a task and painful to manually update. Connecting this to the CMS collection would be fantastic.


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