Opening popup within the collection item

Hi! I found a similar topic but I couldn’t apply the solution fully.

I have a CMS collection and there is a “learn more” that is shown under each item. When you click it, the modal popup opens with more info. I managed to do it, but the issue is that all the popups for all the items open at the same time.

I tried to make the animation apply to only specific items and not to the whole class, but it doesn’t make it better.

I would be grateful for the help.

(it’s “who we are” section, please, scroll down to get to it, thanks a lot)

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hi @glntrnk here is a link to one example I have posted several times on the forum that will give you the solution.

Pay attention only to how interaction is applied (to class NOT element) and where the modal is etc. etc… :wink: You can ignore custom JS as it has only affect the filter.

Hi Stan! Thank you so much for this example.